To mark the occasion of Mothering Sunday, the PETRIe team have been discussing the best things we have learnt from our mothers:

Zadrian Smith, Editor-in-Chief:

The best education is key, because no one can take that away from you.

Campbell Addy, Creative Director, Youth and Subculture Editor:

The one thing that comes to mind, amongst all the life lessons that my mother has passed down to me, is that we are all truly alone. I mean this in the most positive way possible. She taught me how to be independent and to take responsibility for my actions from a very young age, because my decisions - and their repercussions - fall only onto myself. Over the years I have wondered why my mother would sometimes be so cold towards me when it came to personal issues; at one point I was sure she detested me, but I was wrong.

My mother had a difficult upbringing and having my older brother at the tender age of 19 and me at 21 with little to no help, she had to grow up very quickly. She had to toughen up and fend for herself. So when my mother didn’t bat an eyelid when I exclaimed how hard life was because I couldn’t have the same material possessions as my peers, I now realise she was strengthening me for the hard times ahead. From the get-go she’s been teaching me that the world can be a lonely, vicious place and that I shouldn’t pity myself. I’m truly grateful for that and I only hope that when I have children of my own, I am able to impart the same guidance and wisdom she’s bestowed upon me. 

Happy Mother’s Day Mum, love Campbell.

Grace Carter, Editorial and Features Director:

There are so many lessons I have learnt from my mum over the years - she has been the most wonderful teacher in life - but the main one would be about the meaning of unconditional love. My mum is the one person who has never stopped being there for me, who has always forgiven me no matter what, and who has stood by my side always. I hope I can be as good a mother as her when the time comes. Thanks Mummy Duck.

Desmond Lim Zhengs, Fashion Director:

The most important thing my mother taught me is to never rest on my laurels, because there will always be someone else waiting in the wings to take you down. She taught me to stay focussed and stay on my toes. 

Katie Aske, Features Editor:

My mum has always encouraged me to be kind and patient, but the best thing she taught me was to believe in myself and never give up. She gave me every opportunity to be creative and explore my own path, from teaching me to read when I asked her why I couldn’t at the age of three, to her saying “You could make one of those” when I asked for toys I didn’t need. She has always taught me to keep going; to find a way no matter what obstacle was in my path. She also taught me to never admit how much the shoes cost. I thank my lucky stars that I have such a wonderful, encouraging mum. I love you very much, mum.

Elizabeth Neep, Features Associate:

To have faith; faith in others and faith in myself. She also taught me how to laugh at myself - life is too short! Love you to infinity and beyond, Mumma B.

Angela Hamilton-Daley, Beauty Editor:

My mother taught me to be loving, graceful, generous and resourceful.

Alison Marie Isbell, Fashion Director:

The most important thing my mom taught me was to always be myself and believe in myself, no matter what. She also taught me what it means to love unconditionally and unapologetically. Thanks, Shawn The Mom!

Martin Brown, Financial Director and Politics Editor:

My mother taught me tolerance, humility and above all, love.

Brillant Nyansago, Managing Editor and Social Media Editor:

My mother has taught me how to be brave, ambitious and love others.

Sorana Serban, Art Editor:

To be tolerant and trust my feelings.

Charlotte Sutherland-Hawes, Lifestyle Editor:

Independence, and the appropriate time for lunch.

Dimas Bian, Music Editor:

No matter how spicy the food, I cook you. And never yell when you’re angry - but yell away when you’re happy.

Words: Team Collective

Image: Dolce and Gabbana 'Viva La Mamma' A/W 15-16 collection