Bethany wears Shirt by Gayeon Lee and Coat by John Lawrene Sullivan.


Left: Bethany wears Dress by Richard Quinn. Right: Bethany wears Skirt and Blazer by Emma Charles, Shirt by Markus Lupfer. Veronica wears Trousers by Isa Arfen and Top by Markus Lupfer.


Veronica wears Trousers and Jacket by Roksanda.


Veronica and Bethany wears Full Look by Alistair James and Shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo.


Veronica wears Jumper and Dress by Red Valentino. Bethany wears Dress by Bora Aksu and Coat by Preen by Thornton Bregazzi.


Veronica wears Dress by Shrimps, Skirt by Paula Knorr and Shirt by Naya Rea. Bethany wears Dress and Skirt by Gayeon Lee.



Through an exploration Virginia Woolf’s Monk´s House, we see an extension of the writer in her belongings, a curated space that was meant to both spark inspiration and heal her in times of mental distress.

Interested in the detailed make up of the Monk´s House, and Wolf’s personal connection to the space, photographer Hana Knizova and stylist Beth Buxton look at other artists whose work re­volves around marking boundaries between the psyche and the physical through architecture and nature: Francesca Woodman, Greg Schneider, Joseph Beuys and Abelardo Morell.


Photographer - Hana Knizova

Stylist - Beth Buxton

Layout EditorSuleika Müller

Hair Stylist - Eiji Sato

Make-Up Artist - Machiko Yano

Talents - Veronica at Viva Model Management and Bethany at First Model Management

Assistants - Federica Battistino and Haafsah Bepari