Knickers, Tights, Top and Shoes stylist’s own, Earrings by Diana Law and Gloves by DROMe.


Left: Overalls by WEER and Necklace by Vivienne Westwood. Right: Jumper and Earrings by Vivienne Westwood, Head Wrap stylist’s own.



Left: Top stylist’s own, Necklace by Vivienne Westwood.



Cardigan stylist’s own, Shoes by Vivienne Westwood, Glasses PAWAKA and Belt Celia Darling.

From photographer Emma Picq and stylist Vanessa Deutsch, the series Modern Life reflects a physical sensation and a state of mind under the influence of current waves, transmissions and overused telecommunications in contemporary Western societies.

The story aims to visualise mental shock waves; with a strong sense of performance, it puts together various portraits of contemporary experience, allowing the body to feel the pressures of modern life running ahead of modernity. With their eerie, cinematic shots, the team creates spaces that nourish individuality and keep the subject in the foreground, yet maintain a sense of captivity and struggle.

Photographer - Emma Picq at Kaptive Agency

Stylist - Vanessa Deutsch at 1718 Paris

Casting Director - Nicolas Bianciotto at The Art Board

Hair Stylist - Yolette Bouchar

Make-Up Artist - Cyril Laine at Saint Germain Agency

Talent - Heloïsa at Mlle Agency

Assistant Photographer - Dan Spigelman