PETRIe brings a mixtape-styled playlist inspired by those long days when time seems to stand still. You have to praise Mndsgn’s innovation and appreciation for his classic, funk driven and laced in hip hop style. Sometimes less is better, minimal just works. This endless cycle of beats leads to a colourful world of electronic textures and soulful samples paired with bluesy jazz undertones. So sit back, relax and enjoy the land of Mndsgn and Ivan Ave.

Mndsgn - Try This Peppermint Soap

Mndsgn - G'maury (Heavenly)

Mndsgn - Stillsoundin

Mndsgn - Travvlin

Mndsgn - Sauteed

Mndsgn - Electric Piano Solo

Mndsgn - Respawn

Ego Ella May - Tea & Sympathy (Mndsgn Remix)

Mndsgn - Almost Decent

Mndsgn - Txt (MSGS)

Ivan Ave - Keep Looking

Mndsgn - Phyllis

Mndsgn - Maintenance

Mndsgn - Daylight Savings

Mndsgn - Perfect Breatharian

Ivan Ave - Moves

Blu & Ivan Ave - Puccio

Ivan Ave and Yogisoul - Intentions

Fredfades - Focus Point

Mndsgn - Eggs

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Words and photography: Luke