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Trousers and Jacket by Aphid, Shirt by Olvia Von Halle and Head Piece by Katya Zelentsova.

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Left: Trousers by Paula Knorr, Dress by Joshua Millard, Shoes by Yuul Yie, Belt and Earring by Katya Zelentsova. Right: Dresses worn underneath by Olivia Von Halle and white Dress worn on top by Naya Rea.

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Body by Naya Rea and Gloves by Katya Zelentsova.

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Left and Centre: Dress by Tommy Zhong, Top by Paula Knorr, Shoes by Yuul Yie and Earrings by Katya Zelentsova. Far Right: Dress by Mimi Wade, Shoes by Yuul Yie and Earrings by Katya Zelentsova.

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Left: Top by Naya Rea.

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Dress by Katya Zelentsova.


In Miss China, photographer Olesya Asanova and stylist Kxeniia appropriate the style and aesthetics of beauty pageants, aiming to deconstruct the stereotypical approach to beauty and perfection at the core of these events.

The notion of perfection is exaggerated in this story, which features paroxysms of detail, colour, and expressions, along with interpretations of beauty, ego and superego. With minimal décor, the subject is central to the story, referencing the short period of individual fame contestants have. Paradoxically, identity and uniqueness are severely restricted in such events – anonymous under the title Miss and reinforced by stereotypical, mimetic performances.


PhotographerOlesya Asanova


Make-Up Artists - Kentaro Kondo at Eighteen Management & Anri Omori using Suqqu

Talent - Yuhui at Milk Model Management