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Mirrored Elegance explores the timeless quality of Saint Laurent accessories, the legacy of a brand with which we all have a different, yet enduring relationship.

Elements of a modern environment are placed within classic settings, reflecting the past while allowing a glimpse into an uncertain future. PETRIe Art Director Brillant Nyansago and still-life photographer Si West employ a unique visual language, rich with clear references to surrealist architecture. Their creative play with space and geometry is counterbalanced by intentional interruptions of setting, evoking disruptions of memory and the imminent passing of time, changing the very texture of how we remember our reality.

Against the fragility of environment stand these classic shapes, objects embodying our search for elegance, as an attempt at immortality. Delicate surfaces, such as mirrors and glass, reflect lasting features of these items:  refinement, stability, and balance. It is in the same mirrors we could look to find our mode of being towards these objects, one defined by desire, admiration, and a deeply human fear of letting go.


Photographer - Si West

Stylist - Brillant Nyansago

Special thanks to Natalie Chan from Saint Laurent.