Top by Apujan, sweater by Jane Bowler

Coat by Xu Zhi, scarf and underwear by Shaw Yeninside top by Gant Rugger, sweater by Jac+Jack shoes by Helen Lawrence

Sweater by Martine Rose, Dress by Catherine Ferguson, Skirt by Jane Bowler

Top by Xu Zhi, Jacket by Jac+Jack, Trousers by Catherine Ferguson, shoes by Xperimental

Sweater by Susana Bettencourt, Top by Rein, Trousers by Xu Zhi

Jacket by Pocket Londondress by Keiko Nishiyama

Sweater by Jac_Jack, Jacket and shorts by Elpizo, Jacket by Jac+Jack, skirt by Gyunel

Dress by Xu Zhi, jacket by Martine Rose, coat by Gant Rugger

Top and trousers by Helen Lawrence, inside top by Manish Arora, shoes by Xperimental

Coat by Rein, bralet by Sabinna, trousers by Gayon Lee

Skirt by Susana Bettencourt, shorts by Rein, Shoes by Helen Lawrence


Valentine de Saint Point, a French writer and artist, became an active participant of the Parisian literary salons at the beginning of the 20th century - mixing with the likes of Gabriele D'Annunzio and Alphonse Mucha and posing for Auguste Rodin. Divorcing her second husband in 1904, she began a relationship with her lover Ricciotto Canudo, a critic and writer who first used the expression ‘seventh art’ for the newly born film industry.

In 1912 she published her ‘Manifesto of the Futurist Woman’ in response to Filippo Tommaso Marinetti's ‘Futurist Manifesto’, which contained many misogynistic ideas. In it she touches on themes such as masculinity and femininity as opposed to binary gendered structures of the male and female, and introduces the woman-warrior, an überwoman to counter Nietzsche's übermensch.

The following year she began to develop the concept for a "total fusion of the arts", which would take the form of her 1913 ‘Metachoria’ performances. She would take to the stage and dance whilst wearing a layer of veils; her movements disconnected from the music. Meanwhile, a poem recital would take place and mathematical algorithms were projected onto the stage. This type of performance was to be taken up by choreographers and artists such as Merce Cunningham and John Cage many decades later.


Photographer: Clara Giaminardi

Stylist: Sophie Drakau

Make-Up Artist: Erin Kristensen

Hair Stylist: Patrick Forini

Retoucher: Camilla Pietra

Photography assistants: Oda Beide, Sophie O'callaghan

Talent: Charley Munro at Supa Model Management