Coat by Nanni Li and ruff by Jackie Tadeoni

Coat by Quetsche


Dress by Jackie Tadeoni

Collar by Jackie Tadeoni

Dress by Theodora Blumkine

Dress and coat by Quetsche

Dress by Nanni Li and corset by Jackie Tadeoni

Top by Gabrielle Rul, dress by Nanni Li, coat Theodora Blumkine and collar & pants by Quetsche

Corset by Jackie Tadeoni


Fashion is about the body’s refinement and the standardisation of beauty, standards which are arguably subject to subversion. In a world that seems increasingly absorbed with artificial and material values, I felt a need to tell a simpler story, celebrating an uncomplicated beauty ofnature.


PhotographerAaricia Varanda

StylistSophie Ostrowska

Make-Up Artist: Meyloo at B Agency

Hair StylistJonathan Dadoun at B Agency

ModelYuliana at M Management

Photographic AssistantQuentin Legallo

Make-Up AssistantElise Augé