PETRIe is happy to announce the launch of our new digital theme – Memory. Social, collective, personal, or genetic – memory is essential to our survival, as well as a driver of knowledge and culture. With thought-provoking features, captivating interviews, and engaging editorials, PETRIe Memory looks at things we try to remember, and things we forgot to forget, exploring the intricacies and beauty of our complex relationship with time and each other.

Among this month's visual contributions you will find Phantom, Likeness of North Korean, an eerie portrait series from South Korean photographer Doh Lee, a Saint Laurent special by PETRIe Art Director Brillant Nyansago and still life photographer Si West, as well as an intriguing visual investigation of models' scars and their symbolism in the fashion world, by photographer Sophie Mayanne and stylist Lulu Wentworth.

Articles discussing this theme include: a look at trauma and associated memory making mechanisms by Astrid Scheuermann, a critical review of art performance project Inside: Artists and Writers in Reading Prison, by PETRIe Features Associate Jamal George-Sharpe, and a fascinating account of contemporary ruins by Louise Squire.

We hope you enjoy this issue, and trust it will be one to remember.

Words: Elena Stanciu

Video Editor: Fabio Merche