Dress by Dolce and Gabbana vintage, Jacket by Vivienne Westwood vintage and Shoes by Toga Pulla.


Dress by Orla Kiely and Boots by Vagabond.


Jacket by Renli Su.


Left: Jumper worn underneath by Renli Su. Right: Dress worn underneath by Hansine and Dress worn on top by Renli Su.


Dress by Orla Kiely.


Left: Dress by Renli Su.


This story documents instances in the life of a “modern witch” living in contemporary London, imagining and setting up fragments of mundanity invaded by the fantastic. Magic Hour explores the relationship between time, space, and subject as affected by magic, with the frontier between this world and another being blurred.

The story includes shots of urban landscape, empty, desolate, seemingly undisturbed, yet eerie and almost suggesting a supernatural presence. The choice of natural light and raw, dull background tones emphasise the documentary style photographer Richard Round-Turner opts for. Stylist Toni Caroline avoids an over stylised aesthetics, as she connects details and visual oddities in an outwardly manner, consistent with the overall visual narrative.


PhotographerRichard Round-Turner

StylistToni Caroline

Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

Hair Stylist - Delphine Bonnet

Make-Up Artist - Poppy Micklem

TalentSaadi Schimmel at The Hive Management