Jessica and Esme wears Dresses by Steven Tai, Socks by Nike and Sandals by Dr Martens.

Left: Jessica wears Top by Orla Kiely.

Right: Jessica wears Dress by Orla Kiely.

From left to right: Xiaomeng wears Dress by L'ora, Socks by I AND MEShoes by Vagabond and Bracelet by from Pho London. Esme wears Dress by In-Grid. Jessica wear Dress by Orla Kiely, Boots by Ouigal and Bracelet by Pho London. Kriss wears Skirt and Top by  Jh. Zane.

Left: Xiaomeng wears Dress by Orla Kiely. Right: Dress by Jamie Wei Huang.

Left: Kriss wear Top by Jh. Zane. Right: Esme from ASOS WHITE and Socks by I AND ME.

From left to right: Xiaomeng wears Shirt stylist's own, Jacket by Voir Lab, Socks by I AND ME and Shoes stylist's own. Esme wears Jacket by Voir Lab. Kriss wears Dress by ASOS WHITE, Jacket by Voir Lab and Socks by I AND ME and Boots by Dr Martens. Jessica wears Jacket by Voir Lab, Socks stylist's own and Shoes by Dr Martens.

Esme wears Skirt by JH. Zane, Shirt model's own and Boots by Dr Martens.

Xiaomeng wears Bodysuit underneath by King & Tuckfield, Dress by ASOS WHITE, Sandals by Dr Martens and Bag by Jamie Wei Huang.

Left: Xiaomeng wears Dress by Jamie Wei Huang. Right: Kriss wears Skirt by YMCand Shirt by JH. Zane.

From left to right: Esme wears Culottes and Top by Jamie Wei Huang. Kriss wears Dress from ASOS WHITEXiaomeng wears Dress by Jamie Wei Huang.

Left: Kriss wears Dress by Orla Kiely. Right: Xiaomeng wears L’Orla and Earrings by The Boyscouts.


Macrophobia is a visual exploration of the eponymous fear of long waits. Set in an environment defined by simplicity and rawness of nature, with vague signs of human intervention, the story focuses on the intensity of embodied presence, concentrated in a moment.

Shot by Marija Vainilaviciute and styled by Toni Caroline, Macrophobia plays with difference as an instrument of escape and independence. The subjects are caught the tension between past and present, and experience the anxiety of future. The wait – for direction, for purpose, for tomorrow – is a loaded experience; the arresting intensity of the desire to flee is paralleled by the need for togetherness and stability.


PhotographerMarija Vainilaviciute

StylistToni Caroline

Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

Hair StylistAbra Kennedy

Make-Up ArtistPoppy Micklem

TalentsEsme Ham at The Hive Management, Xiaomeng Huang at Viva London, Jessica Luostarinen and Kriss Barupa at Wilhelmina London

Stylist's Assistant - Phoebe Whiston