On Tuesday night I found myself sat on the underground, travelling to north London towards Angel station, where the new band Lusts – comprised of Leicester brothers Andy and James Stone – were playing a few blocks away. Their sound is dark-pop and the intensity of this sound is likely spelt out in their name alone.

When I got to the venue, Electrowerkz, my first thoughts were that it had all the necessary features for a fun maze. Quite literally, you could get lost. Yet within a few minutes of being inside, the main thing on my mind was in fact the realisation that I was the only one without a Carlsberg beer. With chambers to move through, the venue was neither small nor an arena of any kind – a bit narrow but an ideal space. It reminded me of the Hoxton Square bar space in East London.

Lusts stepped onto the smoke-filled stage and I immediately forgot the cold beer missing from my hand. The duo, tuning up and prepping the effects pedals, looked ready to go. They introduced a vicious jam - hard-hitting riffs, harmonies and steady paced drums. In their huge sounding song, ‘Waves’, they created a very pronounced and easy going sound. It was a casual kind of music. The song ‘Mouthwash’ was like a blast from the past, along with the synth pop-backed track ‘Sometimes’. The delayed effects in the chorus reminded me of the band White Lies, mixed with the Crocodiles and with vocals similar to The Vaccines.

The cool instrumental found in ‘Temptation’ reminded me of DIIV and Jimmy Eat World. It was the perfect blend of indie rock in the ideal setting. My favourite song was ‘Cross’; the fuzz was driven and loud, while the clear introduction really stood out for me. I loved the solo with its fast beat and rhythm. The crowd really got into this one and so they should have; it was very minimal, but in a good way – real rock. I highly enjoyed this track. You can’t beat the enhanced realness to a band’s sound when it is played live right in front of you.

The 40-minute set was short but sweet and, although my journey was long, this was so worth it. Lusts were awesome. I am definitely inclined to buy the album ‘Illuminations’ - I miss the experience already and there isn’t one bad track. It’s one that you can let roll through straight from start to finish. If looking for a night out in London, you should also consider Angel as a go-to place too. It’s a really nice area full of bars, venues and vintage boutique shops. Last year I saw Maxi Jazz from Faithless do a DJ set up the road – such fun times.

Check out Lusts website; you can also buy their CD, MP3 and LP here at Roughtrade.

Words and photography: Luke Cole