Left: Dress by Augustin Teboul. Right: Tights by Wolford.

Dress and Jacket by Pascal Millet.

Left: Trousers stylist's own, Top by Koché and Headband Augustin Teboul.  Right: Trousers and Top by Ignacia ZordanCorset by A.F. Vandevorst and Headband Augustin Teboul.

Left: Headpiece stylist's own.

Skirt by Véronique Leroy, Top by Sharon WauchobBralet worn on top by Zana Bayne and Headpiece stylist's own.

Left: Dress by Rochas and Top by Isabel Benenato. Right: Trousers and Top by Token, Boots by A.F. Vandevorst, Headpiece stylist's own and Gloves by Isabel Benenato.

Left: Tights by Wolford. Right: Necklace by Uriel Salas.

Bottom Left:  Dress by   Yiqing Yin   and Bracelet by   Uriel Salas . 

Bottom Left: Dress by Yiqing Yin and Bracelet by Uriel Salas

Inspired by American pop icon Cher and her collaboration with photographer Harry Langdon, this story is an exploration of simultaneous strength and fragility, emotional intensity and necessary repose.

Photographer Alice Kong and stylist Maroussia Sampsidis opt for dark and dreamy tones, as they establish a visual dialogue, adopting recognisable elements from our collective cultural and artistic memory. Tangible tensions define this series: light and darkness, sharp edges and soft surfaces, sudden rage and moments of calm – they all instigate a celebration of glorious creativity in a world with no limits.


Photographer: Alice Kong

Stylist: Maroussia Sampsidis

Hair Stylist: Nina Olivet

Make-Up Artist: Masae Ito

TalentAnna Castellano