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Top by Kas Kryst.

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Left: Tights by Emilio Cavallini, Socks from River Island and Shoes my Marc Cain. Right: Knickers by Hanro.

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Jewellery by Mawi.

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Right: Top by Kas Kryst and Sunglasses by Kaleos Lisbon.


The scientific basis of love is usually sensationalised. We don't know enough to draw a firm conclusion about every piece of the love puzzle – this is why it often becomes very confusing. Love can be explained by chemistry, but what is the real "formula" for love and especially for self-love?

From art director Natasha Aimee and photographer Paul Perelka, this body of work explores three aspects that directly relate to the phenomenon of love: lust, attraction, and attachment. In this case, the focus is on the relationship between a human being and the body, which draws on the point of realisation that everyone can be entirely self-sufficient by loving themselves.


Photographer - Paul Perelka

Art Director & Stylist - Natasha Aimee

Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

Make-Up Artist - Kathy Jung

Talent - Adrianna Myslicka