Radio On ooze Indie pop, electro and plenty of youth; imagine David Bowie’s ‘Dance Magic’ in their new single ‘Lost In The Crowd’. From 80’s synth to electronic pop – the kind you'd expect from Grimes and MGMT’s ‘Electric Feel’ - this band has it all.

The introduction twinkles into a vibrant wave of colour and saw-toothed fun. Tokyo pop blasts across the track as you hear the words “Don't act like you don't know”. Synths, in the style of ‘Tokyo’ by The Wombats, alarm through the track. They have a very playful tone; it is dynamic and a joy to hear.

The single is bold and also infused with 90’s pop, mixed with various core pop - a relevant sound welcomed in today's ever-changing pop scene. The band’s core and vibe are what you'd find at a secret garden festival in the thick of summer. Yes, it may be heading into winter but this music celebrates the good times.

You’ll also love their song ‘You're Always Right’, which is similar to the hit single ‘Girls’ from the band 1975; it is a more easy going, slower track all round. The bass synths metallic sound, guitar bright and lead singer's voice echoes between Chvrches song ‘Gun’ and Grimes song ‘Oblivion’.

Their EP ‘Coast’ is set to be released in 2016 under Killing Moon Records. You can download their single here on iTunes and if you want some more of Radio On, head over to their SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter for news and more on their Tumblr website.

Words: Luke Cole

Image source: Little Indie Blogs