Day two of London Collections: Men opened with Lou Dalton's utilitarian take on refined tailoring. Featuring checkered patterns in orange and pale blue accompanied by a navy and white colour scheme, there were also more relaxed elements in the pieces, with oversized pockets and lightweight fabrics.

Lou Dalton SS'16 Collection. Photos by

Following Dalton, there was a significant contrast in Astrid Andersen's collection. With an Asian inspiration, cherry-blossom prints covered the lilac and lime green fabrics with billowing silhouettes. Of course her sport luxe aesthetics remained with basketball shorts, the new popper track pants and staple sweatshirts.

One of the more high-profile shows was Coach, serving up a 60s west-coast psychedelic feel, with animal print, patchwork and bright, patterned fabrics. The models paraded around a skateboard set complete with half pipes and a runway ramp. The loud and furry sliders were a personal favourite.

Coach SS'16 Collection. Photos by

Agi & Sam showcased a collection of modern, chic simplicity; casual jackets layered over fluid, oversized shirts paired with shorts and trousers, striped laid-back tailored pyjama suits, complete with dark, star painted faces created by makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench.

Matthew Miller SS'16 Collection. Photos by

Matthew Miller's collection tackled the political subjects of "Conform", "Restrain" and "Control", which were written on tags worn by the models. He addressed the recent elections by sending a strong message down the runway on a very non-conformist army of models, wearing frayed hemmed suits in navy, black and white and crushed fabrics. Miller's message was loud and clear and topped off by his choice of soundtrack - the Savages "Don't Let The Fuckers Get You Down."

Siblings SS'16 Collection. Photos by

Both Lee Roach's futuristic tailoring and Casely-Hayford's collection delivered as expected, but the highlight of the day was Sibling and their team of jocks sporting super low-cut knitted pants showing off a cheeky glimpse of the models' derrières, all accompanied by cheerleaders and pom-poms. The American football themed collection was loud, tongue-in-cheek and a fresh approach to summer knits - the best of LC:M yet.

Words: Desi Lazarova

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