PETRIe is pleased to announce our new digital theme: LINEAGE. During the coming month, writers, contributors, and visual artists will explore some of the most fascinating aspects of origin and heritage: concepts as old as time, yet now more meaningful than ever.

Among the captivating stories of this month, you will find a compelling discussion of lineage and language by Veronica Mafolino, a gripping account of history lived at a deep personal level by Linda Mangold, a stunning tribute to ancestors from Silvino Gonzáles Morales, and an investigation of Mestizo heritage in Latin America by Astrid Scheuermann.

With LINEAGE, PETRIe invites acknowledgement, reverence for cultural and creative heritage, and high regard for timeless values. Beyond secular communities, faithful to their cultural inheritance, enduring European dynasties, or Eastern values informing modernity, LINEAGE urges each of you to consider your past, celebrate your stories, and fully embrace your legacy.

We hope this issue brings you joy and inspiration! 

Elena Stanciu
Editorial & Features Director