This week, PETRIe surrounds you with our most peaceful playlist to date. Featuring calming compositions from the likes of Nils Frahm, Michael Price and Olafur Arnalds; faint notes, raw piano and soft acoustic sounds will touch your heart and sooth its rate.

The first song – ‘Our Own Roof’ by Nils Frahm, welcomes you with its minimal but charming polyphony. Ben Lukas Boysen’s ‘Sleepers Beat Theme’ focuses on a mixture of high and low octaves blended between warm harmonics. Distant harps and piano pronounce its dynamic lows in a piece that is both captivating and inspiring.

Embrace the emotions immediately introduced and further emphasised in Keith Kenniff’s Michael Nyman cover ‘Molly’ and then prepare to be engulfed by the soothing storytelling of Rival Consoles’ ‘Improvisation in E Minor’. Erased Tapes’ Michael Price gives us ‘Easter’ - a slower paced piece of music that flows mesmerisingly from start to finish. Christian Smith’s ‘Grey Skies’ is also not to be missed. The steady descent towards the end of this romantic musical journey uncovers multiple notes that leave a lasting imprint.

The final four songs increase the intensity. Nick Hakim’s ‘The Light’ brings forth remnants of blues and R&B, in a celebration of the stripped back instruments you would find in an unplugged live composition. In Ben Lukas Boysen’s ‘Only in the Dark’ you are invited into a world of contrast, as the harshness of the snare drum sits alongside the ever prolonged guitar that seamlessly transitions into fading violins. This exclusive rearrangement is revealed here in an unmastered version featuring cello played by Peter Hollo and piano work by by Julien Marchal. Providing just a taste of what these musicians can do, I encourage you to explore the full body of these artists’ have to offer.

Nils Frahm - Our Own Roof

Ben Lukas Boysen - Sleepers Beat Theme

Keith Kenniff - Molly (Goldmund Cover)

Yoko Komatsu - 141029 Improvisation

Rival Consoles - Improvisation In E Minor

Michael Price - Easter

Julien Marchal - Moth

Olafur Arnalds - Tree

Bozo Nightmare - American Oak

Jacob David - Omkuld

Luke Gajdus - Touch

Benjamin Gustafsson - One Million Thoughts

Tambour - The Nude And The Quiet

Luke Howard - Oversky

Steve Gibbs - Low Light

Christian Smith - Grey Skies

Luke Howard - Part I

James Everingham - Wayside

Nick Hakim - The Light

Ben Lukas Boysen - Only In The Dark (Pleq Remix / Bartosz Dziadosz)


Words: Luke Cole

Artwork: After The Sun by Samuel Burgess-Johnson