Left and centreBlood BrotherRightQasimi


Left and centreBlood BrotherRightTopman Design.


LeftTourne De TransmissionCentreBody Bound StudioRightKiko Kostadinov.

A revival of the unkept, the well-tailored and the “you'll grow into it” styles of childhood, and our adolescent years were brought to light by London's Menswear designers at the fifth anniversary season of London Fashion Week Men's.

From the subtle reference from Blood Brother of boys immersed in video games seemingly too engaged in a world far from their own to maintain a kept hair style, or step out of their literal comfort zone through clothing. SS18 seemed to give a nod to the new rebellious youth for whom technology is a playground. Setting it back to the late 1990s, early 2000s in style throughout many collections in London, the concept of “normal” is truly at home. With an array of wearable and accessible fashion, it seems the revival is something that already took place. The breaking down of what most dads have worn since we were kids is now surfacing the runways to remind and reinvent the notion that clothes are what we make them. 

Some things will never change. Style is revival in itself.

Illustrator - Megan-Ruth St Clair Morgan