Left and centre: Agi & Sam. Right: Craig Green.

Full image: KTZ.

From left to right: Wan Hung, Wan Hung, Tourne De Transmission, Edward Crutchley and Agi & Sam.

Disorder 4.jpg

From left to right: Ximon Lee and Maharishi.

Left and right: Maison Mihara Yasuhiro.

From left and right: Kiko Kostadinov and Christopher Raeburn.

At a time when many industries are in a state of confusion due to the uncertainty of the political situation, and socio-cultural disruptions, the world of fashion follows popular opinion of the possible unfortunate reality. The Savile Row suited menswear collections, which once filled London Fashion Week Men's (previously known as London Collections Men) must find new commercial viability in the recently accessible, commonly known, creative view on the norm.

Take the once-ridiculed “chav,” “northern youth” movements; these are constantly being repositioned by brands across the globe to reorder for a new type of clientele, which currently defines the marketplace. From initial design processes, to the larger strategic and economic logic of the market, creativity faces many challenges. Are we witnessing a new order of the fashion world, or rather its increasingly accepted disorder?

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Illustrator - Megan-Ruth St Clair Morgan