PD1606 [Les Poetes Maudits] P01.jpg

Full look by Richard James

Scarf by Pringle of Scotland

Full look by Katie Eary

Shirt and knit by Pal Zileri, jacket and trousers by Pringle of Scotland and boots by Jimmy Choo

Jumper by Pringle of Scotland

Shirt by Issey Miyake Men

Full look by Katie Eary

Full look by Richard James

Shirt and knit by Pal Zileri


This series explores the figure of the poète maudit, the accursed French poet, living outside and often against society, predisposed to substance abuse, insanity, crime, and an early death.

Coined at the beginning of the 19th century by Alfred de Vigny, in his 1832 drama, “Stello,” the term was associated with names such as Charles Baudelaire, Paul Verlaine, and Arthur Rimbaud. Their personas are conveyed in this series, with a visual rendition of sexual ambiguity and traces of societal deviance at its core. Fashion, corporeality, and an unavoidable gaze inform a perpetual hesitation between disguise and exposure.

These renegades of the Belle Epoque inspire reflection on art and taboos, artistic freedom, posthumous glory, and the man-made boundaries of morality, which regulate societies and dictate norms. This series celebrates the transcendental spirit of artists, and involves the viewer in an interrogation of the universality of what we understand and accept to be moral.


Photographer - Paul Perelka

Art Director - Natasha Aimee

Stylist - Alicia Ellis

Make-Up Artist - Marta Wozniak

Talent - Jean-Luc Harderwijk at Supa Model Management

Production - NO.5IMAGE Creatives