Shirt stylist’s own, shoes by Rejina Pyo x Yuul Yie, hat by Sophie Cull-Candy and bracelet by Cornelia Webb

Dress by Grace Prince and shoes by Rejina Pyo x Yuul Yie

Dress by Robert Wallace

Body stylist’s own and belt by Grace Prince

Dress by Rejina Pyo and shoes by Rejina Pyo x Yuul Yie

Body and shoes stylist’s own, bag by Grace Prince


“Si on ouvrait les gens, on trouverait des paysages. Moi, si on m'ouvrait, on trouverait des plages.” - Agnès Varda

This is a story inspired by the captivating Agnès Varda: photographer, director, artist. As a French New Wave filmmaker, Agnès is a key figure in cinematography, with renowned titles such as 'Cléo de 5 à 7 ans' and 'Sans toit ni loi.' Her interpretation of the world makes her one of the greatest creative minds of our time, as her unique artistic take on life and society continues to inspire new generations of filmmakers.

In her 2008 autobiographical documentary, 'Les plages d'Agnès,' she becomes the narrator of her own story, as she turns herself into the subject matter, exploring life and memories, in a ludic, yet nostalgic narrative.

This is a story of admiration, creative force and timelessness. This is the story of Agnès.


Photographer - Boris Camaca

Stylist - Tess Pisani

Make-Up Artist - Andrea Chiu

Hair Stylist - Akiko Kawasaki

Talent - Sanna at Grey Agency

Special thanks to Spring London