Jacket by Teija Eiola, corset from the National Theatre and gloves stylist’s own

Dress by Hermèscollar from the National Theatre and shoes by Church’s

Jumper and hand cuffs from the National Theatre

Jumper by Hermès, collar by Victoria / Tomas and cuffs from the National Theatre

Full look from the National Theatre

Jacket by Teija Eilola and bracelet by Christian Lacroix

Shirt by Polo Ralph Lauren

Shirt by Victoria / Tomas and corset from the National Theatre

Shirt by Hermès, short stylist’s own, coat from Laurent Vissot Vintage and shoes by Balenciaga

Jacket by Teija

After attempting to produce a successor for over 23 years, the birth of Louis XIV was considered a miracle by the French aristocracy, dubbing the infant ‘Dieudonné’ (God-given). Louis succeeded to the throne at age of four, struggling with a lack of interest in traditional studies and interrupted by frequent evacuations from the capital due to civil unrest, Louis was often neglected, given over to the care of servants, where music and dance became a keen route of escape for the boy. 

Investigating these early developments in Louis XIV life, Mia Dabrowski and Tess Pisani present ‘L’Enfant Roi’ a series reflecting a fractured childhood weighted heavy with the burden of an incomprehensible responsibility.


Photographer: Mia Dabrowski

Stylist: Tess Pisani

Groomer: Yoshiko Haruki

Talent: Raphaël Magnac