We are excited to present the latest PETRIe fashion film – Landers – a Saint Laurent special for the upcoming issue PETRIe 69. Directed by Dorothea Barth and starring Patrick Gibson, the film explores a potential story of origin, which, like many others, begins and ends with a man and his flesh. What lies in between? What populates this narrative of earthiness and corporeality?

Shot in the desert of Joshua Tree, California, the film incorporates the landscape – as reflection, source, and culmination. Photographer Ben Beagent and Fashion Director Zadrian Smith take this story of origins to an imagined edge of the world, where the man and his flesh may find freedom.

Director - Dorothea Barth

Editor - Teddy Nelson

Photographer - Ben Beagent

Fashion Direction - Zadrian Smith

Talent - Patrick Gibson

Score - Boris Laible

Grooming - Tomoko Miyamoto