Shirt and earring by Saint Laurent, Skirt by Comme Des Garcons, Jacket by Vivienne Westwood, all from Vintage Clothing Paris

Shirt by Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Top by J.W. Anderson, Jacket by Topshop Unique

Dress by Stella McCartney, Briefs from Zimmerli

Skirt by Comme Des Garcons from Vintage Clothing Paris, Coat by Dior

Dress by Stella McCartney

Tights stylist’s own

Underbust corset by Maison Mojinot for Phylea, Ostrich Feather Stole from Phylea, Skirt by Masha Ma, Necklace Vintage

Shirt, Trousers and Necklace by Celine, Shoes from Les Mauvais Garcons

Dress by Dior, Vintage Necklace, Gloves by Maison Fabre


‘La Tête Hors De L’eau’ Investigates the anxiety and inner struggles of a boy’s exploration of gender. Key references were taken from the 2012 film ‘Laurence Anyways’ by Xavier Dolan which follows a ten year relationship between a male-to-female transsexual and her lover.



Photographer - Magdalena Lawniczak

Stylist - Samia Giobellina

Hair Stylist - Pawel Solis @ Atomo using Bumble And Bumble 

Make-Up Artist - Marianna Yurkiewicz using M.A.C Cosmetics

Talent - Edouard Saussac @ Rockmen Paris