Left: Shorts by Issey Miyake Men and Coat by Berthold. Right: Trousers by Paul & JoeTop by Berthold and Ballet Pumps model's own.

Left: Trousers by Daks and Shorts by Julian Zigerli. Right: Jacket by Daniel W. Fletcher.

Bottom Left:  Full Look by   Songzio . Right:  Trousers by   McQ by Alexander McQueen   and Top by   MM6 .

Bottom Left: Full Look by Songzio. Right: Trousers by McQ by Alexander McQueen and Top by MM6.

Left: Shorts by McQ by Alexander McQueen and Top by Caruso. Right: Blazer by Daks.

Shorts by Berthold.

Leggings stylist's own.

Right: Shorts by BertholdShirt by Caruso and Leotard stylist's own.


King of Ballet is a visual exploration of personal strength, control, and balance, a series that looks at the artistry of the human body: strained, in movement, or at rest.

Photographer Doh Lee and stylist David Bartlett investigate the body at the crossroads of explosive, emotional intensity and carefully coordinated choreography. Dynamic postures are doubled by moments of repose, suggesting that the power to move stems from the same creative place as the power to be still.


PhotographerDoh Lee

StylistDavid Bartlett

ProducerEvelyn Tsekoura

Guest Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

Hair StylistAsahi Sano

Make-Up ArtistMattie White

TalentLukas Bjørneboe Brændsrød at Royal Opera House

Photographer's AssistantsBernardo Giannone, Rupert Earl, Walter Vincenti and Alex Buchan

Stylist's AssistantRosie Colvin