The intimacy of Jonathan Anderson's Workshops reads more like test lab, and less like flagship store, which it is adamantly not. The space is adjacent to the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch and is immediately noticed due to the striking color-striped walls, despite its small size. "Workshops" will revolve around different collaborations with fellow creators, and feature limited capsule collections designed and curated by Anderson.

Artist, photographer and illustrator Ian David Baker, renowned for his work in the 1980's depicting gay British culture, is the latest Anderson collaborator to feature in this space. The collection incorporates Baker's photographs into items that seem complimentary to the photographer's common seaside setting. Knitted hats, fisherman sweaters, and quilted blankets lend a sense of harmony to Baker's work. While the collection is monochromatic in that most items are black or white, it is a striking contrast to the intensely colourful interior of the shop. Because the space is intimate, all elements within become part of the experience.

This collaboration between two creators seems to have mutual gain for both involved. Anderson was drawn to Baker's work due to a sense of nostalgia that the images evoked, which inspired a range of genderless staple pieces. The era that Baker captured resurfaces within a context that demonstrates its relevance today, and also allows his work to exist beyond print form and become part of today's fashion culture.

Anderson has curated Baker's images into a 500-copy edition book which is sold alongside the collection until they run out. This concept of limited edition suits the revolving nature of "Workshops", and emphasizes our changing and adapting culture. The space will transform and lend itself to whatever may come for Anderson going forward, and shows us that he is capable of talents and concepts beyond fashion design.

Words and photography: Isabel Ulatowski