Yati Abdullah


What is your name? My name is Norhayati and I work with this famous stylist in Malaysia named Calvin at his newly opened concept store called Seethrough. I’ve always loved fashion, music, art and literature. I used to imagine that if I were not in this field, I’d probably be as hip as someone who wears a matching top and tracksuit bottom - the kind that would make a squishy sound when you walk. Not that that is a bad thing, it’s just... boring.

Tell me more about your background and life... I started working as soon as I finished high school. Books and written words have always inspired me as well as music and a good conversation with good company. Dogs and cats too, flowers and old timers with creases on their faces. That is beautiful. Also Raymond Carver and The Cocteau Twins.

Are you a cool kid? I don’t think I’m a cool kid because I’m not a kid anymore. It’s okay not to be cool because you can’t please everybody. If you want to wear that shredded-beyond-recognition top, then wear it. After all, you only live once and you dress mostly to impress yourself. And be nice to the waiter who serves you at your favourite food joint - that to me is a cool kid. Imagine the said waiter spilling curry gravy on your new designer crisp-white shirt and you still smile at him and say that it’s okay. Try it.

Archive: PETRIe Inventory 65

Photography: Shahidan

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