Mark Maruwat


What is your name? My name is Mark Maruwut. I was born in Bangkok, Thailand. Since I was young I’ve always found myself surrounded by girls. My best friends are girls and we always hang out. I was kind of an alien among the crowd. In the summertime when we didn’t have to wear uniforms, I was one of the first to wear denim roll-up hems with vintage leather shoes. I also had my school uniform custom made so it would not be similar to everyone else’s. I was a leader in fashion at a very young age.

Tell me more about your background and life... I went to college to study fashion design in San Francisco, then New York for an internship, and came back home in 2000. When I came back I met a friend who introduced me to a Thai fashion house called Senada, who were looking for a designer. I worked with them for five years, then I travelled to Paris and came back to start my own line called SPOOKNIC. A friend whom I met in New York asked me to start a womenswear label, ASAVA, which I designed for him until now.

What inspires you in life? My inspirations change frequently, along with my style, but what inspires me to work everyday is love. I believe in style, and my style is minimal and classic. I love old films and music. I love to collect clothes, both women’s and men’s. At the same time I read and look at a lot of fashion magazines. My favourites are Numero, Purple and Vogue.

Are you a cool kid? I don’t like to label myself. I have been to many countries and met many interesting people, so I like to be a free spirit. I don’t take things too seriously and I want to inspire people with my work.

Archive: PETRIe Inventory 65

Words: Desmond Zenghs

Photography: Vincent Ung

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