Lionel Sta Maria


What is your name? My name is Lionel Richard Sta Maria. I work as a boutique manager. I got into this industry by starting off as a sales associate, learning and focussing on my goals.

Tell me more about your background and life... My background... well, I come from a middle-class family. I worked hard to be where I am today. Whatever I do, I put my heart into it; I do something because I love doing it. My mother was a fashionista and a true inspiration for me. What I wear and put on today, she’d done a long, long time ago. I love beautiful things; when I see something beautiful - it could be anything - I get inspired and an idea comes out of it.

Are you a cool kid? I think I’m a cool kid because I don’t need anyone to tell me or to advise me on what I put on every day. I dress confidently and express myself through fashion.

Archive: PETRIe Inventory 65

Photography: Shahidan

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