Adam Azriff


What is your name? The name is Adam Azriff. I’m a barista.

How did you become a barista? Well, at first I needed cash; in order to get cash, you need a job. So yeah, a friend of mine called and she said they needed someone who’s good around people - in other words, someone who’s good at persuading people. I took the offer, and I started washing dishes. I served at first; six months later, people fell in love with the coffee I make. And now, I’m in love with what I do.

Tell me more about your background and life... Well to be honest, I was a spoiled brat. I could actually get what I wanted and what I needed at any time. Then at one point in my life, everything went downhill. Everything I had was taken away just like that. I almost went crazy. But I told myself financial problems are normal nowadays - why not do something about it and stop sobbing. And so I did. I told myself, “I don’t need anyone.” I told myself to get things done on my own. I had to go it alone to know how not to quit. Well, I got back up, did what I had to do, and now I’m doing fine. Living free as a bird.

What inspires you in life? What inspires me the most is when a person falls at the point when he is so high, and he gets back on his own. I also live by these words: “Not all those who wander are lost.” When I wake up in the morning, they keep me going.

Are you a cool kid? I don’t think I’m cool, but I also think that I’m not un-cool. One thing about me is I’ve never tried to fit in, but I always try to stand out from the crowd. I’m what they call... different. I do what I like if I think it’s right. And of course, I like to dress well.

Archive: PETRIe Inventory 65

Photography: Shahidan

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