We are pleased to announce the launch of INSTINCT –  PETRIe's new digital theme. To address this topic, we acknowledge the manifold tensions it informs, isolating some of its intriguing and fascinating dimensions. Human nature and social conventions, affect and reason, desire and control: these are only some of the dichotomies that inform our existence, as we perpetually try to grapple with our embodied condition, affirming our identity, in the spaces and moments we occupy.

PETRIe writers and contributors approach the theme with an array of topics that explore conventions and challenge assumptions, seeking to further understanding of our intricate human character. Veronica Mafolino offers a necessary discussion of shame and modern poverty, while Astrid Scheuermann investigates the instinctual fear that legitimises the cruel practice of Female Genital Mutilation. Other key pieces include a chilling account of the instinct of revenge as driving force for contemporary violence, by Sergio Lopez, and a visual exploration of the dynamic between individuals and urban settings, by photographer Donatella Liguori and stylists Helena Napoli and Maria Bonfà.

We hope this issue inspires you all!

Words: Elena Stanciu

Video Editor: Fabio Merche