Shock, confusion, wonder, disgust - the work of controversial self-portraitist 'Angelunaluna' Ange may prompt a number of things. And yet, provided it prompts a reaction, she doesn't care: "Love and Hate - it is a testimony to me that I am hitting a nerve and reflecting." In this second instalment for PETRIe, Ange reflects afresh on a number of her self-explorations.

JUST BURIED - Your Fear Of Commitment That Is For The Opposite Of Love Is Fear

"In my personal experience, men are more petrified of love and committing themselves to expressing their feelings, which is extremely disturbing to me; the cowardliness of heart only prohibits oneself to live life to the fullest potential, which is giving and receiving LOVE, my very mantra in life, my RAISON D'ÊTRE."


"This is about our duality and self-acceptance, the good and bad, angel and devil, light and dark, all is one - and all the mysteries in-between."


"I am against guns and all for gun control, especially in this recent climate of racially-spurred police brutality happening in the USA. I consider this a very poignant piece - a sign of the times."

Inside This Angelic Façade Resides A Ravaging Monster Called Love 

"My recent heartbreak has been feeding my inspiration for the last four months, with me coming to terms with its trauma and grief, and the power love has over me. I am its slave and it's a controlling monster inside of me, yet it is my very essence - I shall never deny its hold on my being."

With Every Pore We Yearn For More, For Spring's Feelings To Land Ashore - Beauty And Innocence Their Fragile Wings, Iridescence of Love's Essence To Us Brings

"...Love awakening."

When Edward Discovered His Passionate Love For Music, He Quickly Learned It Was A Classic Affair of No Strings Attached

"This is a humorous take on accidental one-night-love affairs and the emotional consequences for the one who falls in love overnight - instantaneous attachments of passion for one but not the other."

We Are All One Race - THE HUMAN RACE

"This is obviously a statement about racism which, oddly enough, some people got really offended by - all I can say is "HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE." 


"Not at all PETRI(e)FIED"