This week's playlist features decreased layers, minimal elements and a broad range of tempos and genres all in one package. Containing but not limited to R&B, Trap, House, Techno, Pop, Indie, Alternative Rock, Electro, this grouping is the accumulation of nearly 12 months of curation and editing in order to create a varied playlist that can seamlessly run straight through.

FKA Twigs was the central inspiration for the set list of music. The tribal state of her percussion, use of sensual vocals and dance in her work and additional stretched out renditions of drum heavy counterparts, fits cohesively alongside a wide range of sounds.

The songs begin with ‘Laurel – Shells’ as her subtle voice gently soars across the endless echo of piano. Axel Boman’s ‘Hello’ gets the award for most lively beat and catchy sample singing “Nobody knows!” between the drum sequence. The Black Keys ‘Weight Of Love’ exhibits a strong bluesy tone sustained throughout, Dan Auerbach’s guitar screams and roars across the steady drums. Vessels ‘Glass Lake’ sways in motion nicely as the previous electronic piece from Tomonari Nozaki – ‘The Fall Of Icarus’ decreases. This abstract piece is full of experimental chaos and otherworldly tones, reminiscent of the intro music from the ps1 console. Both tracks are darkly dynamic and ambient as a pair.

Nearer the end Foals ‘Spanish Sahara (Mount Kimbie remix)’ remake is without a doubt one of the best remixes of the band to date. Mount Kimbie do justice by recapturing its charm and perpetual nature latching on to a very acoustic style. FKA Twigs – ‘Water Me (DΛKEYZ edition)’ rework, overdrives the rolling drums adding guitar. The folk style fingerpicking besides the trap beat forms a hallucinogen unheard of. Somehow it just works with an outstanding run to playing out the final note. The layering and extra use of instruments, revamps the emotion of the playlist constantly transposing the musical theme on its head.

FKA Twigs  - How's That (Jessie Slow Remix)

Laurel - Shells

Jon Hopkins - I Remember

Beach House - Myth

Axel Boman - Hello

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - SB - 02

Terry Urban - Video Girl Dreams

Rokwell & Groom - Omaha

The Black Keys - Weight of Love

Zoomo - Frost

FKA Twigs - Give Up

Tomonari Nozaki - The Fall of Icarus

Vessels - Glass Lake (Olerton Remix)

Charlotte de Witte - Weltschmerz

Seekae - Test & Recognise (Flume Re-work)

KVN - Tribes

Foals - Spanish Sahara (Mount Kimbie Remix)

Modular People - Movement

SVNSET Waves - Low Earth Orbit - Human Being

FKA Twigs - Water Me (DAKEYZ Remix)

Words: Luke Cole