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Top by Arela.

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Knickers by Calvin KleinJumper and Socks by Arela, Bracelet by Ekria.

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Trousers by Boo PalaDress by House of VShoes by Ash and Rings by Ekria.

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Trousers and Dress by Boo PalaBoots by Ash.

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Trousers by Boo PalaDress by Maison Vermillion and Shoes by Ash.

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Dress worn underneath by House of V, Dress worn on top by Boo Pala and Shoes by Ash.


This story focuses on human body imperfections as subjects to analyse in art. The human body was exalted and considered the holy grail of all subjects during the time of Michael Angelo's David or Titian's Venus of Urbino. Now body perfections are dismissed, primarily because of the rise of abstraction in avant-garde.

We are currently facing very specific rejection of an idealised human body, which leads us to accept previously considered ugliness as something unique and beautiful. This body of work is a challenge of all the conventional assumptions about order and beauty in art.


PhotographerPaul Perelka

Art Director and Stylist Natasha Aimee

Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

Hair StylistLuna Viola

Make-Up Aritst - Kathy Jung

 TalentAlina Mikheeva at WILD London