All looks by Ilaria Lepore.






“Fashion elevates the insignificant by making it in the representative of a totality, the particular incarnation of a common spirit.” (Georg Simmel) 

Through an authentic revolution of perception, Ilaria Lepore develops an anarchic expressive form, subverting aesthetic conditioning and stylistic clichés. Her minimalist and conceptual works stand out through sharp cuts and an almost exclusive use of black. Blurred shades and geometric shapes blend, resulting in outlines that introduce a new geography of the body with undefined contours, identity, and proportions.

In strong contrast with the consumer society's dogmas, Ilaria's style will not wane swiftly, as it opposes banality, mediocrity, and the superficial. Rather, her figures enhance interiority, emphasising inner beauty over mere appearance.


Photos courtesy of Ilaria Lepore