All clothing vintage and all hats by Maison Michel.

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In this documentary-style visual story, photographer Laura Pelissier and Cindy Liaor Rasamoelina offer a candid exploration of youth and masculinity, in an atemporal, spatially vague setting. Their subjects seem at once confident and shy, bold and out of place, on their way in and on their way out of these portraits.

The illusion of a historical period in the choice of garments speaks to an intention to blur identities and other apparently revelatory social indications. The universality of pose and demeanour is however transparent, but not necessarily desired, emphasising the struggle and tension of age, gender, and nationality as defining elements of identity.


PhotographerLaura Pelissier

StylistCindy Liaor Rasamoelina

Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

TalentsIannis at Rockmen, Mark and Etienne at Elite Model Management