Silke wears Trousers by The B, Jacket by Marco Grisolia and Earring by Gogo Philip.


Left: Noemi wears Skirt by Domenico Cioffi and Shirt by Ssheena. Right: Noemi wears Eearrings by  Gogo Philip.

Left: Silke wears Earrings by Gogo Philip. Right: Silke wears Skirt by Domenico Cioffi and Shirt by Ssheena.




Noemi wears Trousers, Shorts and Skirt by The B, Top stylist's own.


Silke wears Shorts by Salvatore Vignola, Top stylist's own.

Left: Silke wears Coat by Salvatore Vignola and Boots stylist's own. Noemi wears Coat by The B and Boot's stylist's own.


Left: Silke wears Trousers by Edith Marcel and Corset by Domenico Cioffi.

Left: Noemi wears Stockings by  Marco Grisolia , Top by  The B  and Necklaces worn as a belt by  Gogo Philip .

Left: Noemi wears Stockings by Marco Grisolia, Top by The B and Necklaces worn as a belt by Gogo Philip.

Noemi wears Skirt stylist's own and Necklaces by Gogo Philip.

Left: Noemi wears Tights stylist's own and Skirt by Edith Marcel. Right: Silke wears Trousers by Edith MarcelCorset by Domenico Cioffi and Bralet stylist's own. Noemi wears Trousers by Federica Tosi and Skirt stylist's own.

Silke wears Skirt by Federica Tosi, Top and Glasses stylist's own and Earring by Gogo Philip.


For PETRIe Revival, fashion photographer Manuela Iodice and stylists Arianna Zanetti and Lorenzo Bondani seek to deepen the concept of revival as it traverses the manifold projects of feminism. This is a theme that has resurfaced lately, both politically and in fashion, and it is somehow different from the feminism of the 1970s: more about showing up, going viral, and increasing exploring the spectacular as a new normal.

Inspired by the work and personas of female artists such as Marina Abramović and Hannah Wilke, this story looks at innovative moments in the fashion world, that repeatedly took the form of revival and liberation: the introduction of the bra was a liberation from the corset, but the bra itself later became an object associated with protest and a statement for women´s rights. The shirt is another such element that carries important associations with gender and social normativity attached to the bodies of men and women. Beauty, objectification, independence, revolution, anger, defiance –they are all contained within the image of the female body, enhancing its possibilities to talk back, to impose a rhythm of its own, to reinvent itself.


PhotographerManuela Iodice

StylistsArianna Zanetti and Lorenzo Bondani

Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

Hair StylistElisa Ferrani

Make-Up ArtistGuia Bianchi 

Talents - Silke Linger at Monster Management and Noemi Ercolani at Elite Milano.