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Trousers and Shoes by Y-3 Adidas, Top by Hed Mayner.

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Left: Jacket by Y-3 Adidas, Scarf by Charlotte Bisi and Shoes by Adieu. Right: Trousers Vintage, Coat by Edition Mr, Shoes by Adieu and Backpack by Y-3 Adidas.

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Short by Yves Saint Laurent vintage, Top by Sankuanz, Shoes by Adieu and Hat by New Era.

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Left: Jumpsuit by Ambush, Scarf by Charlotte Bisi, Shoes by Adieu and Backpack by Y3-Adidas. Right: Trousers by Sankuanz, Top and Jacket by Hed Mayner.


Whether it questions social inequalities, environmental excesses, or political standpoints, fashion makes sure to state its activists stances loud enough: they are written in large letters on ready to wear garments, slogan T-shirts are every brand´s bestseller, animal fur is banned, new materials are replaced with second-hand ones, and upcycling seems to be the latest, and probably, a long-lasting trend.

But activism in fashion goes further into vigorous action in support or opposition to controversial issues. It holds up a mirror to society, questions consumption patterns and habits, and considers climate change, resource limitations, or regional inequalities without aesthetic compromise.

Led by photographer Marie-Elodie Fallourd and stylists Marie Matéi and Benoit Tardif, this story investigates the meeting point of ethics and aesthetics looking at fashion as activism.


PhotographerMarie-Elodie Fallourd

Stylist - Benoit Tardif

GroomingSayaka Oatama

TalentClement at 16men