Dress by Magda Butrym and Boots by Paris Texas.


Left: Playsuit by Magda Butrym and Boots from Jade Palace Collective. Right: Body by Mary Quant, Dress by Stella McCartney and Globes by T Label.


Jumpsuit by Stella McCartney.


Left: Dress by Stella McCartney. Right: Jumper by Mulberry.


Dress by Halpern.

Photographer Felix TW and stylist Daisy Toogood present I am the Walrus, a story inspired by the human capacity to imagine the impossible and conceive of the improbably. In their view, fantasy and imagination pave the road to self-realisation and the fulfilment of humanity's highest goals.

The story is located in The Horniman Museum, in an attempt to link history, the natural world, and the power of creativity, all to ask important questions: How do we make sense of ourselves and our world in the larger scheme of things? How much of what we imagine and create today will stand the test of time? What role does fantasy and creativity have in building a world worth conserving? How will we be remembered and what role does fashion today play in the way we imagine ourselves in the future?

Photographer - Felix TW

Stylist - Daisy Toogood

Talent - Yustina at Anti Agency

Special thanks to - The Horniman Museum