Left: Trousers by KochéSkirt and Top by Diane von Furstenberg, Boots by Véronique Leroy, Belt stylist's own and Earring by Beautiful People. Right: Boots by Véronique Leroy.


Left: Jacket by Koché. Right: Trousers, Coat, Scarf, Boots and Earrings by Véronique Leroy, Jacket worn underneath by Missoni.


Left: Trousers by Ellery and Boots by Véronique Leroy. Right: Jumpsuit by Véronique Leroy, Necklace from Vintage Clothing Paris and Chain stylist's own.

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Top by AALTO, Dress by Hyun Mi NielsenBeret stylist's own and Earrings from Vintage Clothing Paris.


Boots by Véronique Leroy.


Homeward is a story inspired by the French fairy-tale Le Petit Poucet, the tale of a little man who gets lost but finds the way back home by sowing some bread on his way. The experience of being lost and returned to one´s home resembles a type of personal reformation, giving the subject a new outlook for his future.

While influenced by Le Petit Poucet, the creative team does not attempt a direct retelling of it, only an interpretation, where tropes and motifs of the narrative meet style, fashion, and photography choices that extend, invert, and challenge the beloved tale.


Photographer Roni Ahn


Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

Make-UpJulia Wretzky

Hair StlyistSacha Gireaudeau

TalentLaura at Supreme Management Paris