Shirt and Dungarees from Beyond Retro, Shoes by Toga Pulla.


Jeans by MiH Jeans, Top by PS by Paul Smith and Jacket by Native Youth.


Left: Dress by Jamie Wei Huang.



Focusing on a contrast between movement, stillness and still life environmental shots, Homecoming Girl is a story that seeks to be soft and considered, yet engaging and personal.

Photographer Jack Johnstone and stylist Toni Caroline champion a mix between the strong shapes and colours of the fashion, and a beautiful, but sparingly used, natural landscape. Influenced by the 1970s' shapes and cuts, their vision creates a portrait of youth: multifaceted, complicated, often misunderstood, nevertheless bright and hopeful.


Photographer - Jack Johnstone

Stylist - Toni Caroline

Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

Hair Stylist - Junko Hirakose

Make-Up Artist - Poppy Micklem

Talent - Elizabeth Yeoman

Stylist's Assistant - Karoline Laursen