Skirt by Lutz Huelle, Top by Manish Arora and Earrings by Acne Studios.

Right: Skirt by Lutz Huelle, Shirt by Acne Studios and Shoes by David Beauciel.

Left: Tights by Wolford, Skirt by Véronique Leroy and Bodysuit by Faith Connexion. Right: Trousers by Anne Sophie Madsen, Top by Marques' Almeida and Shoes by David Beauciel.

Left: Dress by Anne Sofie Madsen, Gloves by Delphine Delafon and Shoes by Kenzo. Right: Dress by Kenzo.

Left: Full Look by Céline and Shoes by Robert Clergerie for Lutz Huelle.

Left: Top by Acne Studios and Dress by HVN.


In Home is Where the Heart is, photographer Emmanuelle Descraques and stylist Diamante Ka explore the latent and manifest possibilities of rebellion, the instances where domestic space becomes a character in one´s story, where the search for a stage for creative expression is so important that an overtaking of this surrounding space is necessary.

Independence is seen here as the catalyst for identity; being lonely and alone are clearly two separate states, always clashing and attempting to envelop the subject. Nevertheless, she emerges victorious – in control, steady, free to leave or to stay.


Photographer - Emmanuelle Descraques

Art Director & Stylist - Diamante Ka

Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

Hair Stylist - Anais Sebagh

Make-Up Artist - Yazid Mallek

Talent - Nastya at Oui Management