We are pleased to announce the launch of our new theme for PETRIe Digital - 'Hierarchy'. This month's content explores the wide notion of 'Hierarchy', with an array of opinion articles and visual pieces that promise to intrigue, challenge, and excite reason and senses. Key pieces include a visual reinterpretation of morality, through the figure of the poète maudit, shot by Paul Perelka and styled by Alicia Ellis, a refreshing look at women's football in Iran, by Annunziata Santelli, and a reminder of the necessary dismantling of structures of discursive and physical gender-based violence, from writer Astrid Scheuermann, and an investigative piece on contemporary subculture, in collaboration with Youth Club and Mayor of London's office, marking Punk London's campaign to celebrate 40 years of punk and subversive culture.

We hope you enjoy this issue, and join us in celebrating our contributors' beautiful, fearless, liberating stories.   

Elena Stanciu

Editorial & Features Director