Dress by Ghost and Jacket by Morocco Lisboa.

Coat by Steven Tai and Earring by Pilgrim.

Right: Trousers by Topshop, Top by Ann-Sofie Back, Dress by Ashish and Trainers stylist's own.

Left: Dress by Fyodor Golan and Earrings stylist's own. Right: Overalls worn underneath by Baserange.

Dress by   Emma Charles ,  Collar by   Paul & Joe   and Earring and Necklace  stylist's own.

Dress by Emma Charles, Collar by Paul & Joe and Earring and Necklace stylist's own.

Right: Dress by Ann-Sofie Back and Boots by Kat Maconie X Roberta Einer.

This story is a visual investigation into the structure of memory making and of recollection, as processes that suspend the body and mind in a zone of blurred temporality and subjectivity, which carries possibilities of self-discovery and liberation.  

Haunted By A Memory follows the subject's progression towards a place of revelation, underlined by a shift in styling and visual markers. Eventually, she inhabits a state of joyous return to things she now remembers: bright light and acidic colours mark a now vibrant and awake spirit.

Photographer - Lillie Eiger

Stylist - Cassie Walker

Make-Up Artist - Fiona Rose

Hair Stylist - Chloe Frieda

Talent - Julie Van De Wille

Photographer's Assistant - Poppy Thorpe

Stylist's Assistant - Kira Matthews