PETRIe's Music Associate, Luke Cole, curates the top tracks to put on your playlist this week.

Inspired by nature - its states of decay, warm Autumn hues and flat landscapes; this prolonged playlist comprises a darkly beautiful series of of oddly toned instrumentals that seek to reflect nature's dynamic chill and warmth. Whistling wind pipes provide a foresight of winter, which will see PETRIe publish a range of experimental playlists seeking to breathe new life into the darkest of seasons.

“I Have To” by Hunna G unlocks the playlist, widening its volume and progression to a brief moment of silence before twinkling bells fall away into infinite delaying drones.

“ATOMOS VII” from A Winged Victory For The Sullen demands your utmost attention as it employs genius beats alongside soft notes.

“Diffusion Network” by Patrick Perkins, offers an eerily atmospheric sound, highlighting your awareness of time as it central sounds slowly play on loop.

“Short Fields 1, 2 and 3" by Falls brings forward the idea of dusk, in which the light and life of the day falls into a temporary state of limbo. Dynamically vibrant as it is boldly moody.  

“Quiet Sky” from music label Students Of Decay, appears from the solo music project, Secret Pyramid by Amir Abbey. This Vancouver-based artist lowers the temperature with its celestial low bass drone. Beautifully minimal, it is inspired by elements of unconsciousness and bareness.

“Yucca” by Maricopa captures the magic of night time; the freedom and scope of the starry sky.

“Стекло Уничтожено” by TKDE: let the chaotic noise absorb you as it's disturbingly dark hues create a negative space with prolonged minor keys.

“Quiet Eyes” by Falls raises you out of this playlist. A startlingly unique outro, the rustling vinyl rotations in the background add texture to the warm sounding folk guitar played throughout the piece. The surface of this soundtrack finally ends with a cut of the final bluesy picking of the strings.

Hunna G - I have To.

Luke Abbott - Xantako

A Winged Victory For The Sullen - AWVFTS

Patrick Perkins - Diffusion Network

Kornél Kovács - Tooth

Pétur Jónsson - Lumina

Students of Decay - Variation on a Theme

Porya Hatami - Excerpts from Shallow

Falls - Short Fields 1, 2 and 3

Students of Decay - Quiet Sky

Pleg and Giulio Aldinucci - The Prelude To

Antonymes - The End of Everything II

Ben Chatwin - Darwinism

Luke Abbott - Modern Driveway

Maricopa - Yucca

TKDE - Стекло Уничтожено

Masayoshi Fujita - Tears of Unicorn

Watter - Rustic Fog

Loscil - Fury

Falls - Quiet Eyes