Skirt and Bra by Base Range, Shirt by Pepe Jeans, Harness and Handkerchief Vintage.

Jeans and Jacket by Levi'sBelt Vintage and Handkerchief stylist's own.

Left: T-shirt by Ashish and Neckerchief Vintage. Right: Dress by Ashish.

Trousers and Blouse by Holly Fulton, T-­shirt by Aries and Headscarf Vintage.

Giedre wears Neckerchief by Lulu Castagnette and Boots Vintage.

Shirt by Palmer Harding and Scarf Vintage.


"Having nowhere in particular to be that day, she wakes up naturally at dawn. Who is she today? She opens the wardrobe door and, without consent, her hands start clothing her. Silk brushes on her shoulders, a sequin snatched a few hairs. A metal buckle cold against her skin, coarse denim tough on her senses.

Her bare feet grip the wooden floorboards. Each pilgrimage to the mirror reveals a new mirage, each reflection uncovers her ensemble: instinctively delicate, yet impenetrable beauty. She imagines her mother, dressed in the same room years ago, and her grandmother before her. Retracing their footsteps, from wardrobe to mirror, she joins their echo.

As she enters the world, luminous and strong, Giedra is softness, she is the silence of stories untold and nearly forgotten. Her gestures precede her, instinctive and aged; her desire is so strong, it can crush the frail world around her. Giedra is paradox." - Gulru Arvas


Photographer - Jack Symes

Stylist - Louise Ford

Hair Stylist - Moe Mukai

Talent - Giedre Seks at The Squad Management