Left: Trousers by Dolce and Gabbana, Dress by Joshua Millard and Earrings by Maria Black. Centre: Top by Zadig & Voltaire. Right: Skirt by Freya Dalsjø, Shirt by YearOne Collective and Shoes by Yuul Yie.


Right: Dress by Yulia Kondranina.


Skirt by Rejina Pyo, Dress worn as a Top by YearOne Collective and Choker by Cornelia Webb.




Right: Trousers by Ekaterina Kukhareva


This story is a visual exploration of sign language – the complexity of gesture, weight of bodily presence, and intensity of vision. By both isolating the sign and presenting it in a larger context, the story emphasises the interconnectedness of body and communication: to communicate or translate in sign language is to engage with meaning at a deeper level, to constantly revive conventions and bonds, and to extend the expectation of understanding to those around.

Photographer Shawn Paul Tan and stylist Lilja Hronn focus on the Italian sign language, in hopes of opening a rarely seen world to mainstream audiences.


PhotographerShawn Paul Tan

StylistLilja Hrönn

Layout Editor - Fabio Merche

Hair Stylist - Massimo Di Stefano

Make-Up Artist - Phoebe Walters

Photographer's AssistantCaitlin Chescoe

Talent - Jessica Luostarinen at Wilhelmina Models