Announcing their fashion story for PETRIe Frontiers, No Man's Land, photographer Jack Lee and stylist Brillant Nyansago are proud to present the eponymous behind-the-scenes film produced by visual artist Ethan Shin.

No Man's Land tells the story of crossing borders – into the unknown, the strange, the uncanny. The relationship between subject and space established by the creative team is reinforced by Shin's scene selection, sound mix, and visual superimpositions: the space is at once welcoming and frightening, organic and man-made, familiar and remote.

The subject is a wanderer in her own life and in the space around her, one populated by social norms and cultural boundaries, and regulated by higher powers. The story, then, asks some of the questions that define humanity: When are we truly free? What are the consequences of our freedom, and what the gains? Where do we go, when we go searching for our freedom – what lines do we cross, what walls do we build, and what bridges do we burn?


Videographer - Ethan Shin

Photographer - Jack Lee

Stylist - Brillant Nyansago

Hair Stylist - Hirokazu enDo using Bumble and bumble

Make-Up Artist - Josie Chan using Beauty Pie

Talent - Grace-Rose Williams at IMG Models