We are proud to present the newest video work from artist Andrea Picci – Finding Purpose, drawing on the collaboration between photographer Nadine Ijewere, PETRIe Editor-in-Chief Zadrian Smith, and actress Naomi Scott, for one of the four covers of the upcoming PETRIe print issue.

Picci glues together visual elements of the story, as both a summary and an interruption of the larger narrative. The centrality of the character is paralleled by countless repetitions in the background, in what could be the artist's take on contemporary cultures of celebrity. Whimsical tones and a lively colour palette speak to Picc's tendency to step out of aesthetic comfort zones, and even challenge the possibilities of the medium itself.


VideoAndrea Picci

PhotographerNadine Ijewere

Stylist - Zadrian Smith

Talent - Naomi Scott